SYPHER recognizes that each client has specific and unique needs. Our services reflect this understanding.

We begin each business relationship by listening to their goals and concerns.

With the presence of our professional staff, SYPHER provides unmatchable quality solutions. This coverage and experience allows us to offer an extensive array of services that allows any organization the ability to maximize cost effectiveness within the horizontal production cycle. OUR services include:

  • Inspections
  • Online Control and Monitoring
  • Audits ( Social Accountability Evaluations)
  • ConsultancySourcing

OUR ability to exhibit greater flexibility and responsiveness in the delivery of services is another reason we continue to win over clients. We strongly believe that the service package should be tailored to match the specific needs of the client.

Since the attention to details can make the difference between success and failure, SYPHER is committed to doing what it takes to "help you get the most out of your investments".

Sypher believes that quality inspections encompass examining a product and comparing the results to specified requirements. The objective is to determine if the output features conform to the specifications for size, appearance, and other characteristics that may be relevant to the product.

Sypher provides the following quality inspection services:



Online inspections focus on selected samples of your products during the manufacturing process. Utilizing Sypher's production order control services increases quality, timeliness, and consistency. We provide you with the updated information, you need to make sound decisions. This confirms the quality of your goods allowing you necessary changes to be addressed early.

  • Early Identification of Quality Issues:
    Online Inspections identify the quality issues while goods are at the early stage of production, thus addressing those issues ensures quality product.
  • Consistent Quality:
    Online inspections ensures that goods produced are of consistent quality. Online inspections are conducted working closely with the supplier suggesting improvement
    during production.

  • Ensured on time Delivery:
    Continuous online inspections not only update buyers about their current status of their orders but also ensure on-time deliveries. We measure and report on the progress to meet your shipping schedule commitments. Working closely with buyer and the vendor, we ensure timely results throughout the process, and keep you informed of any unexpected delays or concerns.


Sypher inspects your primary manufacturers at the production site. By performing inspections before the goods are shipped, companies are able to identify problems early. Inspections save money and ensure that the product meets your customers' requirements and expectations. A consistent inspection program also reduces warranty costs, losses in productivity, and time involved in shipping products back to the factory.

  • Final Random Inspection:
    During a pre-shipment inspection, an Acceptable Quality Level sampling plan is used for inspections following the production and packing of goods. Our Quality Controllers verify that finished goods have been made up to buyers specifications.

  • Piece to Piece Inspection:
    The final inspection can be conducted on piece to piece basis i.e. 100% inspection of goods. For quality conscious buyers 100% inspection of goods ensures


In case you don't have any documented criteria, we can design the same. This document can then be used as a framework for product quality.

Sypher issues a thorough report of each inspection, carefully documenting all necessary findings.
We realize the importance of delivery of goods and ensure that you receive critical information
as soon as possible. Our Quality Controllers are readily available before, during, or after an inspection to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

At Sypher, we believe that commitment to quality is the best product insurance you can buy.



Container Loading Supervision
We ensure that proper methods are employed during shipment loading, and verify counts on-site. To provide you thorough feedback, Sypher also offers digital photographic documentation.

Child Labor Monitoring
We ensure that proper methods are employed during shipment loading, and verify counts on-site. To provide you thorough feedback, Sypher also offers digital photographic documentation.

Social Audit

SA8000 is globally applicable to all industries and provides a clear framework that
ensures ethical responsibility.

The Council on Economic Priorities Accreditation Agency (CEPAA), with the assistance
of international business community and various labour organizations, developed the first
standardized system for social accountability of suppliers and vendors. The new standard
SA8000, was modelled after the ISO9000 standard & ISO14000 environmental standard.

Corporations are now realizing that commitment to social justice, with consideration of
ethical values and moral standards in corporate policies, is consistent with improved
corporate prosperity and commercial success.

During a Social Accountability evaluation, Sypher investigates to work environment issues
in regards to conformance & non-conformance with the client's policy and SA8000 criteria.
The following issues are addressed:

  • Health and Safety

  • Discrimination

  • Disciplinary Practices

  • Working Hours

  • Compensation

  • Management Practices

  • Forced Labour

  • Freedom of Association

  • Child Labour Laws

After complete evaluation, Sypher provides a comprehensive report with digital at site pictures documenting each accountability requirement, with attention paid to areas in need of improvement.

Why Social Accountability evaluation?

  • Being a "socially accountable" corporation increases business competitiveness
    by increasing customer recognition and loyalty, promoting a globally recognized
    standard of business, and increasing the ability of businesses to trade internationally.

  • SA8000 evaluation is an important tool in developing a Corporate Code of Conduct.

  • Several high-profile media cases have brought unfair labour practices to the public's attention. Ensuring ethical practices through the adherence of a globally accepted
    standard, such as SA8000, prevents these negative attacks from occurring.


To ensure that your vendors deliver high-quality products, operate efficiently, and support continuous improvement, it is often necessary to perform evaluative surveys and audits. SYPHER incorporates the necessary skills and expertise needed to guarantee our existing and new vendor performances.


SYPHER provides the following quality consulting services:


Vendor Capability and Qualification Surveys:
Our qualified staff survey your potential or new vendors on-site and provide detailed reports on the general operations, qualifications, and capabilities of the vendor as a viable source.

Vendor Process Control and Quality System Auditing:
Our vendor audits evaluate all manufacturing process control systems for existing or new vendors. Each comprehensive report covers several areas, including evaluations of management, quality control methods, non-conforming materials, corrective action, and inspection and test equipment. We carefully examine the processes and procedures involved at each location, and provide you with critical feedback and recommended improvements.


Sypher provides cost effective Sourcing assistance for companies that are seeking the advantages of global sourcing, but are either lacking the internal resources to efficiently accomplish this objective, or are wanting to outsource these activities in order to concentrate internal resources into other areas. SYPHER provides basic vendor identification through complete product lines.

We are not a trading company, we are an independent, third-party project services provider who works only for the buyers, assuring that your priorities are met at all times, and that the optimum sources for your requirements have been selected. Whatever your project, whatever your competitive challenges, We are determined to provide you excellent services.