Welcome to SYPHER


Your Partners in Quality Assurance: Sypher is an independent third-party Inspection Company in Pakistan. With experienced staff providing unmatched services to its customers, we play the role of being eyes and ears of our clients. Inspections enable buyers to foresee problems.

Your Sourcing Associates
Sypher offers trouble free Buying House services to its reputed clients. We help our buyers to stay competitive in the world market, consequently saving money and ensuring that products meets customers' expectations.

We offer effective business solution in regard to:

  • Product Sourcing and Sampling
  • Factory Evaluation
  • Product Development
  • Manage Competitive Prices
  • Online Quality Control
  • Final Inspection

Sypher was establishes in 2008 and has since built a reputation for offering the very finest in Quality & Services Platform specifically designed to assist our customers in Sourcing and Quality Control and related business activities like Factory Evaluation,  Supplier  Identification, Product Development, Order placements, Production follow up & monitoring, In Line & Final Quality Audits etc.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. We realize that the success of any organization closely parallels its ability to meet the needs of its clients on a consistent and continuing basis. At Sypher, we offer value-added quality solutions and invaluable customer service.


What makes us different?

Our staff members are well educated and having SKILLS in the processes employed in our customer's requirements. To ensure that technical data and project status information passes freely, our staff is fluent in English, as well as within the local languages and dialects.

  • SYPHER has been developed to address the needs of our clients. We begin each relationship     by listening to your goals and concerns. Throughout the relationship, we ensure that     questions and concerns are addressed and resolved immediately. 
  • At SYPHER, we believe involving in every aspect of Quality Control Solutions, Audit Services    and Sourcing solutions, thus offering . We also provide guided factory visits, if necessary to
    our valued customers. 

Our promises to you:

Help in Finding right Supplier for you.

Supplier's Evaluation with respect you your product category and Quality demands.

  • Proactive Results 
  • Knowledgeable Staff 
  • Cost-effective Services 
  • Confidentiality 
  • Personal project involvement 
  • Timely, informative feedback 
  • Guaranteed quality solutions